Unable to open Weblogic console URL in EBS R12.2, The Server is not able to service this request: [Socket:000445]Connection rejected,

when we browse the WebLogic console URL, unable to open console URL, we will encounter given below error. The Server is not able to service this request: [Socket:000445]Connection rejected, filter blocked Socket, weblogic.security.net.FilterException: [Security:090220]rule 2 when we browse the weblogic console URL, unable open console URL, we will encounter given below error. 1.The Server is … Read more

Oracle EBS Application cloning- Error -Script Executed in 134803 milliseconds, returning status 255

Oracle EBS Application cloning- Error TxkSetOHSConfig.pl Fails During Clone with oracle.as.t2p.exceptions.FMWT2PPasteConfigException: java.lang.Exception: Unable to start OHS Component, Oracle EBS 12.2 Application Cloning the got the following Issues Perl adcgclone.pl appsTier dualfs Configuring: Run file system…LogFile located at /uatapp/UAT/fs1/inst/apps/UAT_app-uat/admin/log/clone/run/RCloneApplyAppstier_10301831.log<Oct 30, 2021 6:54:41 PM IST> <Warning> <JNDI> <BEA-050001> <WLContext.close() was called in a different thread than the … Read more

Oracle EBS 12.2.8 Step by Step Installation – Part 2

Oracle EBS 12.2.8 Step by Step Installation – Part 1 oracle ebs r12 multi node installation on linux The Multimode Installations the database and application services are different nodes or servers Before Running Rapidwiiz : The should be an X display working to support the GUI installation Verify the Sufficient space is available in the … Read more

Oracle EBS 12.2.8 Step by Step Installation – Part 1


In this article Oracle EBS (E-Business Suite 12.2.8) Fresh installation in Linux server and next few posts, I will give step by step installation of R12.2 System Requirements: Operating system: Linux X86-64 – OEL 7Memory:  8GBDB Storage  : 450GBApplication Storage: 450 GB Here I have installed multi-node installation the database and application service are distributed across … Read more

Oracle Database 21c XE – Free Download

Regardless of whether you are a developer,a DBA, an information researcher, trainer, or only inquisitive with regards to data sets, Oracle Database Express Edition (XE) is the ideal method to get everything rolling.  It is the very incredible Oracle Database that endeavors depend on around the world,  bundled for basic download, usability, and a full-included … Read more

RMAN (Recovery Manager)


What is RMAN Backup ? RMAN (Recovery Manager) is an Oracle Utility that can be backup, restore and recover the database file. The RMAN is a feature of the ORACLE database server and does not require separate installation. RMAN introduced from oracle 8i in 1996,Every target database has to be registered with a catalog database … Read more

Create the Stage Directories In Preparation For 12.2 Installation in Oracle 12.2 E-Business Suite Application


Create the Stage Directories 1. Download And Copy Files To Stage Area 2. buildStage.sh   1. Download And Copy Files To Stage Area —————————————————   * V100052-01_1of3.zip * V100052-01_2of3.zip * V100052-01_3of3.zip * V100053-01_1of2.zip * V100053-01_2of2.zip * V100054-01.zip * V100055-01.zip * V100056-01.zip * V100057-01.zip * V100058-01.zip * V100059-01_1of2.zip * V100059-01_2of2.zip * V100060-01_1of3.zip * V100060-01_2of3.zip * V100060-01_3of3.zip … Read more

Upgrade your skills by learning Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).


 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Your future in Oracle Cloud begins now with FREE OCI training and certification from Oracle University. Get free, unlimited access to our entire catalog of digital OCI training, as well as free certification exams until December 31, 2021. Build cutting-edge cloud skills. Accelerate your cloud career. Start learning OCI today.   … Read more

How to bounce the(restart) Apache server in Oracle EBS R12.2 ?


The(restart) Apache server 1. login to our EBS instance using the putty tool   2. login applmgr user    3. Set the Apps Environment file     applmgr  32497     1  0 Aug23 ?        00:00:00 /u01/applmgr/fs2/EBSapps/10.1.2/bin/tnslsnr APPS_VIS -inherit [applmgr@visebsapp ~]$ cd /u01/applmgr [applmgr@visebsapp applmgr]$ ls 03241000.log  04011141.log  04042229.log  04082046.log  08191303.log  08231914.log  EBSapps.env  … Read more

How to download oracle EBS R12.2 software or Oracle E – Business Suite R12.2.0 software


 In this article we can download, how to download Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 from Oracle support, you will download the base version of Oracle R12.2.0   1. Go edelivery site https://edelivery.oracle.com/     2. Login with Oracle support credentials     3. Here since we are checking on  Oracle E-Business Suite, so enter that   … Read more